Current menu from Dos Palillos in Berlin—doesn’t look so great for vegetarians.

From the 12-course 45 euro menu, there is marinated vegetables / tsukemono mix, egg omelette / onsen tamago, tempura, vegetable dumpling, and mango mudding…meh. Of course, I could also drink the aperitif + maybe eat some maki.

From the 16-course 60 euro menu, there is catonese walnuts, salad, the same egg omelette / onsen tamago, tempura, baby vegetable wok, sponge cake and seasonal fruit preserved through osmosis with ginger and sake. Again, the aperitif + some maki.

The man who sent me this email assures me that there would be more seasonal offerings that are vegetarian, but I just don’t know if they would be delicious or special enough to justify the high (for Berlin) prices.

Plus, I hate leaving expensive meals hungry!