Link: “Don’t put yourself on sale. Always ask for what you are worth.”

Chic Vegan writes

most of us are raised with a poverty mentality. We think that cheaper always wins. We think that if we tough it out and pay our dues, one day we will be worth more. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. People equate dollars with quality – the higher the price the better the product. If you cheapen your value, whether it be your wages, your self esteem, or your relationship choices, people will consider you to have less value than the next person that holds themself in high regard.

I’m choosing to make my yoga class donation-only for 2 reasons.

1. I want yoga to be accessible to everyone,  whatever their resources—yoga to the people!


2. I am not totally legal to do this in Germany, so doing it on a volunteer basis not for pay is one way to get around that until I am fully legal. I didn’t want to wait for the paperwork to go through before I teach, simply because with or without paperwork, this is work I enjoy and find challenging.

But I think Chic Vegan raises a good point, that in our capitalistic society where people are judged sometimes based on their earning capacity, perhaps people won’t think that I am good because I am asking for donations.

But my integrity tells me to stick to donations for the moment. I love the idea that some people might donate more so as to compensate for others who can’t. If it doesn’t work out and my papers come through, I’ll start charging a sliding scale.