There is a really cool project from Bindu Wiles, 21.5.800. She asks people to commit to writing 800 words per day for 21 days and do five days of yoga per week. I’m too late to join the party.

Sounds pretty cool but the coolest part I think is that she recommends as one possibility Savasana / corpse pose for 15-30 min a day as the yoga portion. So many people think that yoga is exercise, which it can be. But that’s not the most transformative part of yoga.

I love how she explains Savasana to people who don’t do yoga. For me, it is the most important part of my yoga practice. Giving myself the time to do absolutely nothing in our day of never-ending to-do lists and 24-hour news service and 1000 interesting blogs to read is LIBERATING.

If you are wondering if you should do Savasana, I’ll say this: Rest is wildly and tragically under-utilized and under-valued in the modern world. We push and push and push ourselves to the point of exhaustion and then we drink more coffee to keep up with our lives. So. If you are fried, hate yoga, have several children under the age of three, just had a root canal, are exhausted, and/or are energetically behind the eight-ball in every way, PLEASE DO SAVASANA FOR THE 21 DAYS. I promise you the pose will do it’s magic.

Savasana. Sava means corpse and asana means posture or pose. So corpse pose is the translation from Sanskrit. In Savasana, the idea is to imitate a corpse. Why would anyone want to do that you are thinking right? Well, folks, one thing that a corpse is, is STILL. By remaining motionless for some time, and keeping the mind still while you are fully conscious, you LEARN TO RELAX.  For a brief period the body, the mind , and the speech are still.  All parts of the body, skin, muscles, and nerves are relaxed.